2002: Helge & Francesco, a story born in Santander (Spain)
A meeting of men first, then of football lovers, then the desire to do something together .. A friendship turned into collaboration, esteem and mutual trust.
One direction: to offer well-made services and the pleasure of meeting people. Helge has put into the “pot” its organizational skills along with the confidence that the Norwegian market was already in him, Francesco revealed and made possible the access to people and places that the Italian tradition jealously guards.

THE ITALIANS: Italy is the country of contrasts: North / South, Wealth / Poverty,
Renaissance , Counterreformation, genius , backwardness.. in the country of more than 70% of world arts works and 49 UNESCO World Heritage sites, our Italian team does not want to be the Italy of Mussolini, Mafia or Berlusconi ..but Leonardo, Michelangelo, Verdi, Fellini, gastronomy, great wines, Ferrari , Ducati , Vespa and Bianchi …
Italy of millenary hospitality, Italy of Grand Tour as the place of knowledge and place of training,

COCKTAIL : from this cocktail we created the first few tours on 2003: Tuscany Apulia, Lazio,
Then followed Piedmont, Sardinia, Umbria, to cover almost the entire peninsula with Liguria, Veneto, Lombardia ..

THE ROADS: Francesco puts his intelligence to look for alternative ways to combine interests of places to reach and cross with suitability for bikes. Roads are tested by pedaling to experience what customers will do , same difficulties, same excitement .. in short, the cocktail to be tasty needs many calibrated ingredients.

THE TEAM: Francesco & Ines, two brothers to ensure the Italian chain.
To ensure the success of such a business- 120 bikes in garage, minivans to rent, equipments of picnic and more- we need expert tour leaders and a person able to keep an eye on all this world: Ines.

INES: takes care of all operational and relationship with suppliers and customers, with everything that makes the final product .. Managing about 15 providers on each tour, each with different characteristics, pleases everyone without losing her gentle stretch. It is what did of Oliven a highly respected operator even by his own suppliers. Without Ines all this would not be possible in a country where the personal relationship prevails on any other aspects ..

LUIGI: collaborator since 2003, the most loved by customers .. always ready on his minivan, always with a smile and a cigar in his mouth ..not pedaling, speaks a little ‘English but communicates with his presence polite and kind .. Always available where he is needed .. A guarantee for Oliven ..


FRANCOIS: the French cousin of Ines and Francesco, same family, same training, same
availability with people. He is a great lover of Italy. With the French father and the Italian mother, he combines French charm with Italian flexibility. He always worked in catering and for him there is no limit to what he can do with a simple picnic ..and there is no limit to his willingness to solve problem or discomfort .. Oui, bien sur madame, pas de problemes ..

HEIDI: The Norwegian most beloved by Italians. She has been living in Italy for over 20 years, has perfectly combined her nationality of origin with that of adoption .. It ‘a wonderful mixture of efficiency and friendliness ..Stay with her is always a joy both for customers and for colleagues .. always ready to a Skol, always efficient and always smiling ..

SUZY: from Croatia, Swedish nationality, residing in Florence .. a reference point in Italy and Croatia for Nordic tour operators. Fashion expert “Vintage,” combines her long experience in tourism, her knowledge of Italy with his innate elegance ..

PIERGIORGIO: Computer engineer, too fond of nature to sit behind a desk, he preferred to leave a job at the University to follow through with his passion for nature and for the bikes. Expert, precise, happy to be On The Road .. His passion for the ‘Outdoor ( and for beer ) is communicative ….

MARCO GARGIULO: the handsome man of the group, and not only : Sympathetic, kind, always ready for action, knows no problems, only solutions.
An Italian loan to the world: graduated in Edinburgh, now studying physiotherapy in Amsterdam . Among his various adventures: one year in solitary bike from Edinburg to Kathmandu .. ..

MARCO MAROTTA: our Trekking man . The top in his area , the Sorrento Peninsula. There is no plant, no animal, no road that he does not know. A guarantee for our trekking on the Coast, the best that solar Southern Italy is capable of producing when it combines tradition, wisdom,
to efficiency sympathy ..

MATTIA: the youngest but behaves with the expert wisdom. Listens, reflects, then plans acts. Reliability and kindness are its characteristics. A real sport man always at ease. A guarantee for the present and certainly for the future of Oliven in Italy ..

MARCELLO BERTINO: our local guide reference in Piedmont. Nature guide,
lover of his country, lover of research new paths. He knows all paths of Alba, Barolo,
Barbaresco and its Langa. On foot or by bike never stops ( except in front a Dolcetto wine glass..) , his cheerfulness is contagious.

GIOVANNI TOLDO: he is architect, but only lights in front of a bike, his unrestrained passion together with travelling, music and photograph. He is our expert MTB, to him we trusted, besides tours of Veneto, our first tour MTB in Italy in Trentino, his homeland. Giovanni loves to be with people and dinner and talk hours and hours of Italy, of Norway of life.

CLAUDIO : His CV speaks for itself: an Italian who has spent five years in Norway, Bergen as a guide. Also a year to repair and sell bikes in Norway ..now back to Italy, happy to show it off to his Norwegian friends ..His other great passion is the guitar ..he will be the ideal companion for anyone who has his own passions: Italy, Norway, the bike, the guitar …

MAURIZIO : a long experience in the business of tourism made available to the team. In Rome moves only by bike, and that says a lot on his courage .. Always available, elegant, punctual, kind , its main features ..

DEBORA: our woman in Puglia, with us since the beginning . She left to conquer Paris and returned winner in his beloved Puglia. There is no beach or trulli in Puglia that she does not know, all our hotels, bars and restaurants welcome her with a big smile, there is no customer who does not adore her ..Availability, experience, always smiling, communicative joy ..

MARCELLO MELONI : is the man of Sardinia, you can always count on him. He has the reliability and safety of those who perfectly know his land, he moves with the confidence of those who love the place, he knows how to convey this love to visitors .. Sardinia would not be the same for us without Marcello.

LUKASZ: The INTELLECTUAL POLISH lent to tourism .. He lives in Rome, has studied Norwegian, has produced historical studies on his Poland, runs a restaurant in the capital.
He is an  expert guide of our tours , his multiple experience coupled with its availability and the knowledge of the Norwegian language make it a valuable companion greatly appreciated by our customers.

FRANCESCO: collaborated for years with the biggest Italian tour operator, then the stroke of lightening and the decision to illustrate Italy to foreigners . Raised in France, combines these two cultures, even if the’ era he prefers is Paris of the 50s and 60s, and he wanted to be Yves Montand ..From his meeting with Helge lights the spark and starts a collaboration.
based on the same principles: love and curiosity for others, to do things right and for life in general, everything always in joy ..But the real trick for him is simple: surround himself with collaborators with the same ideals ..